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BACKchat is hosted by chiropractors Dr. Paul Bergamo with Dr. Anthony Coxon. BACKchat is a thought provoking health podcast, empowering you to live to your true, health potential. We discuss with leading health experts and inspirational individuals, the importance of the 5 pillars of health: “Thinking, Eating, Moving, Sleeping and your Neurology.” During the program, we will ask our guests our “Impactor” question. This reveals to our listeners the pivotal moment, event or influences that lead them to becoming the inspirational health expert they are today. Each program concludes with three practical tips our listeners can immediately apply to assist them to be their best. To stay abreast with updates with BACKchat, please go to our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/backchatpodcast or our Instagram page – @backchatpodcast. We leave you with a thought: “Be the best at what you do, and you will grow and inspire others, around you.” We look forward to meeting you on our next BACKchat podcast.