Bumi’s World

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Bumi’s world is a Podcast Show designed to help parents, guardians and care givers, create a generation of empowered kids, connected to mind, body, heart and environment. Hosted by three marvellous characters of love and spectacular-ity: Firslty we have Jen Richards – a primary school teacher turned health-care practitioner with qualifications in EFT Tapping, Meta Heath, Matrix Reimprinting and Sleep Talk. Jen’s also a children’s book author and puppeteer extroadinaire. Speaking of puppets, let’s meet her puppet sidekick and co-host of the Bumi’s World Podcast…Bumi: Bumi is a humble and cheeky cave-kid from 40,000 years ago who’s been sent through a magical timewarp to our present day to help educate children (and their adult friends) on how to live a simpler, healthier and happier life full of love, laugher and abundance. And also co-hosting the show we have Leanne Anders, aka Primal Mum. Mum to 3 dynamic modern day cave kids, she has a love for nourishing and nurturing their bodies and minds as well as empowering kids to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, encouraging them to explore what connects them to their own superpowers. Together the trio go on exciting adventures at the front line of children’s Health and Wellness. On their journey’s they encounter and interview experts in the field of family health who provide them with maps, tools and wisdom to guide them and their listeners through the often confusing and bumpy landscape of family psychology, health and happiness. They cover topics aimed at all ages from toddlers to teens, helping to provide parents and carers with the information necessary to raise connected, creative, empowered leaders of tomorrow.