Drinks Adventures

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Drinks Adventures is a new podcast for adventurous drinkers of beer, wine, spirits, cider… and everything in between. Hosted by drinks writer James Atkinson, Season One begins in Sepember 2018 and will feature brands including Sullivans Cove Whisky, Penfolds Wines, Sipsmith Gin, Bruny Island Cheese & Beer, Willie Smith’s Cider, De Ja Vu Sake and more. The impetus for the podcast is the many exciting trends we are currently witnessing across all categories of premium drinks. Winemakers, brewers and distillers are increasingly experimenting and collaborating with one another on products that blur the definition of what’s in your glass like never before. The creativity is most prevalent among the new wave of ‘craft’ brewers and distillers but it is not only happening on the fringes. Powerhouse wine brands Jacob’s Creek and Concha y Toro have released wines aged in ex-whisk(e)y barrels, while Constellation Networks has released a wine aged in ex-tequila barrels. Penfolds Wines has released Lot 518, a wine fortified with the Chinese grain spirit baiju. Spirits giant Pernod Ricard has had tremendous success with its Jameson Caskmates line of whiskies, aged in oak that has previously held beer – so much so that it purchased a brewery to ensure future supply. Such hybrid products are playing to drinkers who are increasingly open-minded and adventurous and enjoying a wide array of different drinks to suit different occasions, rather than identifying with one particular category. Today’s drinker is consuming less alcohol overall, and instead spending more on higher quality products that deliver on flavour and are underpinned by authentic stories. The people who produce and champion these fine drinks are the talent you will be hearing from on this podcast.