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LimoPodcast: All things limo, from business basics to marketing mayhem. Join Steve Bottrell, limopreneur as he takes his limo business to the next level by having a crack at implementing lots of new and exciting ideas on how to generate more work and more profit, with hopefully less effort! We discuss and share marketing ideas for any limousine business and share the results along the way. Limousine Industry experts and special guests will also pop up from time to time, bringing with them time saving ideas, limo related helpful apps, smart reservation systems, and general discussion about the limo industry news, concerns and challenges faced in the current market . Want to know how to start your own limo business? or if you even should? Here’s a great place to start. Whats the best type of limo business? Should you operate a airport hire car service, stretch limousines, mini-coaches service? Limo business owner, chauffeur or dreaming of a limo business, then limopodcast is for you!