Not By Accident

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An audio documentary series about becoming a single mother by choice, not by accident. I’ve been using my audio recorder like a sketchbook or a camera for the past five years, capturing important moments and conversations on my path to single motherhood. I recorded my deliberations as I made my decision to have a baby on my own, and as I took action: telling family, friends and work, choosing a donor, insemination… I kept recording when it was more about reaction! Pregnancy, morning sickness, midwives, labour pains, birth, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, ear infections, routine, chaos, travel, work, childcare, searching for a new equilibrium. This is a story about how life happens and we can’t always control the circumstances or events, we just have to deal with what comes our way. But now and then we can make a big choice, and take action and set life on a new course. We don’t have to just accept things as they are. We can make life more what we want it to be. This series is a record for my child, and for people like her. It’s for anyone struggling with the momentous decision, some way along the journey or living as a fully-fledged ‘single mother by choice’ or ‘choice mom’ like me. It’s for those trying to understand decisions and actions being taken by someone they love. It’s for all the wonderful unconventional families who make the world a much more interesting place, and for all the wonderful people who accept and support us.