Raising Digital Kids

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Dr Kristy Goodwin is a children’s technology and development expert (and mum!). She helps today’s parents find healthy and helpful ways to use technology, without feeling guilty or confused. In this podcast Dr Kristy arms you with practical tips and strategies so that you can feel confident and have peace of mind knowing that your child’s technology habits are not harming their development (without having to ban the iPad or unplug the TV!). Dr Kristy translates the latest research about how technology’s changing the ways little ones learn and develop, into essential information, tips and tricks. Kristy aims to show parents and educators how to use technology in ways that support, not stifle, young child’s learning, development and health (without having to ban the iPad, or unplug the TV). In this podcast she’ll answer parents’ & educators’ most pressing questions about young kids and technology. Dr Kristy Goodwin is the Director of Every Chance to Learn, an Honorary Associate at The Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University and a highly sought after expert on young children and technology. With over 14 years experience in teaching and a gift for cutting through media-hype and conflicting research, Dr Kristy provides parents and teachers with practical information and clear tips and strategies to ensure children are given every chance to learn, while having fun and maintaining a healthy life/technology balance. Passionate about helping kids get the most out of their digital experiences, Dr Kristy delivers regular Parent & Educator Seminars on technology and its impact on early learning and development, to assist parents & educators with the enormous task of raising kids in the digital age. Dr Kristy is often featured as a keynote speaker at Australian and International conferences on interactive technologies and early learning, and is regularly called on by the media for her insight. Kristy’s on a mission to arm parents with evidence-based information so that they can make informed choices about how they’ll use (or perhaps avoid) technology in their homes.