The Binge

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TV has never given us so much to talk about, but it’s never been more difficult to discuss. You’re either two seasons ahead or two seasons behind, you’re saving last night’s show to binge-watch later, or you’re Team Masterchef and your office-wife is Team MKR. The Binge is a safe space for anyone who loves TV. Hosted by Rosie Waterland – an author well-loved for her recaps of The Bachelor, some of Australia’s most successful TV writing – ably assisted by Mamamia’s Sarah-Jane Collins and a raft of familiar on and off-screen talent, it’s where you’ll find frank funny and smart conversations about everything television, from I’m A Celebrity… to Netflix’s most binge-worthy new shows. Cancel your plans, and settle in for The Binge. The Binge is a Mamamia Women’s Network podcast. Hosted by Rosie Waterland and Sarah-Jane Collins. Produced by Holly Wainwright and Monique Bowley.