The Small YouTuber Podcast

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The Small YouTuber Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Australian small YouTuber and founder of the Small YouTuber Zone, Dylan Swain. Each episode goes for about 20-40 minutes and features a different small YouTube creator who is making extremely high-quality and entertaining videos but doesn’t have a huge following yet. New episodes are released every single week on Sunday 12 PM AEST. On the show, Dylan asks the special guest questions related to their YouTube channel including: 1. What was your first YouTube video and is it still up on your channel today? Is it embarrassing and how have you evolved as a creator since then? 2. There are millions of channels on YouTube these days. What makes you stand out from the crowd and what is the unique selling point that you bring to your content? 3. What’s next for your channel? Then Dylan delves deeper into an interesting aspect unique to that particular creator’s channel for an entertaining twist.