The Tokyo Hotel

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Check yourself into The Tokyo Hotel. An eight-part comedy radio series. Situated in a neglected corner of LA, time has been unkind to this once-iconic establishment. No longer do A-list Hollywood celebrities hob-knob under the chandeliers. Check-ins are down and-long term squatters are up. Staff and guests are continually misled by the magical thinking of the hotel’s well-meaning leader, Con Cierge. Jive-talking Latino-lover Carlos plays jazz in the lobby. They also employ bears, a cranky Spanish chef, a failed mentalist, a bellhop who can’t speak and the famously miserable German Director Werner Herzog who operates the ancient lift. If you can locate your room, please feel free to explore the hotel. You may be engulfed in a love story, a (sort of) murder mystery, a heist and a journey into an arctic tundra with sleighdogs via the kitchen’s freezer. But, be quick, before everything changes. You see, a stranger with news is about to arrive. It seems there may be a chance for The Tokyo Hotel to rise to its former grandeur, relive the hype and become the sexiest hotspot in town once more!